The Honeysuckle Farm

This 17-acre farm runs a verdant corridor between thick, piney woods on either side, along one of Orange County’s favorite Sunday drives, Dairyland Road.

At one end of the farm is a beautiful meadow, carved out for chairs, tents, and flowers for the perfect, rustic farm wedding. When you finish saying your “I Dos,” you can stroll through rows of blooming blueberry and elderberry plants, as well as teas, herbs, and flowers, to your reception at one of Orange County’s truly iconic and unique gathering places, the Honeysuckle Tea House.


The Keith Farm and Forest

The 210-acre Keith Farm and Forest is one of the most botanically diverse places in the northern hemisphere. Home to the Keith Arboretum, which houses one of the most diverse collections of temperate woody species in the United States, the Keith Arboretum is a veritable "food forest,” full of flowering trees of virtually every shape and size.

Tie the knot on the newly-expanded, multi-tiered deck at the Keith Farmstead, standing in front of the koi pond, or pick one of dozens of great spots among the trees in the arboretum. The Farmstead is is a beautiful vintage home, fully-equipped for hosting a catering team for your reception.

Whether you want a more traditional farm experience or have your guests frolic in a magical forest for your nuptials, the East West Organics team can deliver the outdoor wedding that’s right for you.

Get Married on the Land, Give Back to the Land

Through a hybrid ownership arrangement between East West Organics and Chapel Hill-based non-profit Unique Places to Save, a full 20 percent of the revenue from your Honeysuckle Farm or Keith Farm wedding goes to land conservation efforts and promoting sustainable farming practices in North Carolina. Your farm wedding will impact generations to come, keeping the community one with the land.