The Honeysuckle Farm

This 17 acre farm is one a regional "must see" for agritourists.  The land lays well, there is a nearly constant breeze, and farm products abound.  We think that the definition of a productive farm is expanding - not only do we produce elderberries, blueberries, blackberries, herbs, flowers, teas and honey;  We also foster smiles, laugher, memories, music and relaxation. Come join us at one of the South's best combinations of ecological farming and creative placemaking, and experience the farm-to-beverage magic for yourself.

While at the farm, make sure you come join us for a cup of tea or fruit smoothie at our farm stand called the Honeysuckle Tea House.  And if you'd like to see a mini version of the farm, come into town and have a "farm to beverage" drink in our Honeysuckle Urban Herb Garden which doubles as the seating area for the Looking Glass Cafe and the Honeysuckle Meadery and Wine Bar.

The Keith Farm and Forest

This 210 acre farm is one of the most botanically diverse places in the northern hemisphere.  Home to the Keith Arboretum, which houses one of the most diverse collection of temperate woody species in the United States, the Keith Farm is a veritable "food forest".  Medicinal and edible plants abound, which we integrate into our expanding line of Honeysuckle Meads and Teas.  The Keith Farm is also home to the community apiary for Bee Downtown, so their bees feed in our botanical smorgasbord, and therefore argueably produce some of the worlds most diverse honey!  The property is protected with three distinct conservation easements, with Orange County, the Triangle Land Conservancy, and the Conservation Trust for North Carolina.