East West Organics
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Our Family of Farm-based Companies

EastWest Organics is a a farming investment group that creates "Farm to Beverage" commodities and unique distribution venues where 20% of all revenue goes to our nonprofit partner that invests in the places that make our communities unique. 

EastWest Organics manages over 225 acres of farm and forest just west of Chapel Hill, and we operate three unique farm-supporting  businesses that feature the products derived from the nuts, berries, teas and honey harvested from Our Farms.

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Who We Are

EastWest Organics is a farm-based company.  We own and manage 17 acres outside of Chapel Hill, NC, and lease and manage an additional 210 acres of farmland in Orange County.  We have three owners - two local, social impact entrepreneurs, Erik Lensch and Jeff Fisher, and the nonprofit Unique Places to Save

As a result of our nonprofit ownership, 20% of all profits go to support our local communities.  Unique Places to Save is an entrepreneurial nonprofit organization that invests in and enhances the places that make our communities unique.  The organization believes that ecological farming, healthy local foods, and environmental education are at the heart of vibrant communities.  As a proud partner in East West Organics, Unique Places to Save focuses its efforts in showcasing those quality of life experiences and learning opportunities offered at our farm-supporting businesses and farms.


What We Do

At our farms, we grow elderberries, blueberries, blackberries, and a wide variety of herbs, nuts and other "food forest" species.  We think of our farms as the "hub", to deploy local food and beverage goodness to a diverse set of "spokes."

   Our spokes include the Honeysuckle Tea House, where we sell and serve locally-roasted coffee, herbal teas, smoothies and other farm-based fare.  In town and two blocks from the Carrboro Farmer's Market, we have a small urban herb garden that doubles as an outdoor seating area for the Looking Glass Cafe, where we serve coffee and tea house fare, and the Honeysuckle Meadery and Wine Bar, where we serve an assortment of local meads, ciders, and craft local wines and beers, including our very own Honeysuckle Mead produced on our farms.